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Moths are one of Australia’s most prevalent pests that are considered harmless. Even though these animals do not hurt humans. They may do major harm to your linens and clothing. These obnoxious parasites will eat everything made of fabric, including your carpets and drapes. In addition, while they are in the caterpillar phase, they can be particularly harmful to persons with allergies. These bugs can cause respiratory problems and other serious allergic responses. Our moth control Ryde staff is experienced in dealing with both business and residential moth infestations. 

So, if you want comprehensive protection, do not hesitate to contact our cabbage moth control services in Ryde. Contact Pest Control Ryde as soon as possible to get rid of these pesky pests. We are available round the clock to serve you. All you have to do is ping at 02 3813 8764

Signs of a Pantry Moth or Clothes Moth Infestation

Both clothes moths and pantry moths leave clear traces of their presence. Here are some warning signals to look out for. 

Signs of Moths in Clothes 

  • Wool clothes and materials have silky grooves, tunnels, or trenches. 
  • Clothing with irregular holes 
  • Excessively shedding furs 
  • Larvae casings are tiny tubes adhering to cloth. 
  • Deposits of a crusty nature on carpets, draperies, and clothes 
  • Small cream-coloured moths might be seen flying or crawling across surfaces. 

Signs of Moths of the Pantry 

  • Plastic food bags with little perforations 
  • Food packets containing eggs or larvae 
  • Inside the pantry’s corners, there’s a web-like substance. 
  • Crawling or flying little drab-coloured moths

Even if you have just observed one or two pantry moths. Then there is a strong possibility they have set eggs or hatched from within your dry goods. You might not realise moth larvae have been multiplying over time. Particularly in the case of spilt or unopened and old pantry items.

Are Moths Dangerous?

Although you may observe moths attracted to your outside lights at night. These are not the sorts of moths that commonly infest homes. Pantry moths and clothing moths are the most common moth pests. Carrying contaminated things into the house is the most typical way to develop a moth infestation. Food and textile products that contain larvae or eggs might cause a moth infestation when you least expect it. Thereby infecting everything they invade. 

Pantry moths are ideal for unsealed items in our pantries. These insects may lay their eggs in places where they would be nourished and fostered, such as grains and flour. Moths feast on natural textiles like velvet, wool, and silk in our closets. These things can help their eggs hatch and survive. Since the fibres provide both nourishment and protection. In this way, the moths cause destruction to humans. 

Our Exclusive Three Step  Moth Removal Service

If an infestation has advanced, call our specialists, who will devise a strategy and use expert techniques and repellents to get you moth-free in no period. Here are the steps we follow:

  1. Moth Inspection- Checking up all the places for moths is our first step. We examine all the corners of the house with utmost care. Our professionals know the hotspots where moths reside the most.  
  2. Specific Chemical Treatment- In this method we use the baits and the traps to eliminate the moths. All of the solutions we use are natural and non-toxic. We also use modern machinery to ensure the proper elimination of moths. 
  3. Moth Prevention Advice- Lastly, we share moth prevention advice. 
  • Take care to preserve your food in airtight containers to avoid infestations. 
  • To keep your pantry free of food detritus that might attract pests, empty and clean it on a regular basis. 
  • Keeping closets clear and clean helps reduce the number of areas where bugs might hide. 
  • Moths are drawn to oils and scents, so wash dirty clothing as soon as possible. 
  • Regularly rotate clothes in your closet, and get rid of those that are accumulating dust and are rarely used. 
  • Because larvae prefer stacks of folded cloth to hide in, hanging is preferable to folding.

Why Should You Go With Pest Control Ryde in Ryde? 

We are a renowned Pest Control Carpet Moths company with decades of expertise in removing pests from both residential and commercial locations. Our moth control Ryde services have assisted in keeping not just moths, but also other hazardous pests at bay. As well as protecting the premises from future infestations. Here are some of our service’s unique characteristics: 

  • Assurance of Success 
  • Moth Caterpillar control service is available 365 days a year. 
  • Methods of pest management that are non-toxic 
  • Professionals that are skilled and certified 
  • Pest control solutions that are safe for children and pets 
  • Prices that are reasonable 
  • Proper elimination of moths. 
  • Services for both residential and business clients 
  • Emergency and same-day services are provided. 
  • Quotes that are not obligated


How soon do moths take over your home? 

Because moths have a constant reproduction cycle. They may quickly infest the entire home. Call us for urgent Moth Control Ryde solutions.

Do you offer a same-day moth control service in Ryde?

Yes, we offer a same-day moth control service at no additional cost. 

Is your services safe for my pets?

Absolutely yes, we only use organic moth control solutions. That causes no harm to anyone. 

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