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Bees are a helpful and important part of the ecosystem. But if they built their nest at your house then you must get their extraction done. We at Pest Control Ryde always welcome you with our best services for bees and wasps nest removal and control. Our bee and wasp control Ryde team also are specialists in removing nests of wasps and controlling them.

Bees and wasps are not harmful but if they built their nests near you then there are chances that you may get stung by them which is very painful. Thus if you happen to have a bee nest then you can call our bee exterminator at 02 3813 8764 and avail of our bee hive removal service.

The Various Types Of Bees And Wasps That We Treat

There are numerous types of species present all around Australia. The ones that are common to find in Ryde and we treat are:

  • Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees look like bumble bees and have a shiny and all-black abdomen. Females chew a ½-inch deep hole in woods and lay their eggs there which later turn into larvae. And male bees guard that against the outside.

  • Bumble Bee

These are one of the familiar types of bees. They are yellow striped and have a fuzzy black abdomen. These are about ½ to 1 inch long. These built their nests under porches, in wall voids and in old rodent burrows.

  • Honey Bee

Honey bees are of honey brown colour, hairy and are about ½ inch long. These live in extra-large colonies of 50,000 bees. Their nests are located in cavities of trees, rocks, and buildings. In spring the colony make a swarm that travels further and builds a new nest at a different location.

  • Yellowjackets

These are often mistaken for bees because of their physical appearance. These lives in a colony of 3000 wasps. Their number peaks as the temperature decreases. And become more aggressive during this time in search of food.

  • Paper Wasps

These are the common type of wasps and are also called umbrella wasps because of their umbrella-shaped nests. These build their nests from a material that they make by chewing wood and mixing it with their saliva. Their larger nests have a colony of up to 75 wasps including the eggs and the larvae.

  • Hornets

These are actually larger yellowjackets. These are about ¾ inch long and black and white in colour. Their colonies are comparatively small having 700 wasps. They build their nests in trees, attics and wall voids.

Our Bees And Wasps Extermination Process

Bee and waps removal is a tricky and lengthy process. As it includes the removal of bees or wasps and removal of their nest as well. Thus to complete the process effectively our bee and wasp removal Ryde team uses the following steps:

  • Inspection Of The Affected Area

Initially, our wasp specialist will inspect thoroughly the area that is affected by bees or wasp’s nests. Inspection will tell about the type of bee or waps present, the length of the nest and the number of bees and wasps present in the nest.

  • Extermination Of The Bees And Wasps Present

After the inspection, our bee pest control team will start with the extermination process. As bees are an important part of our ecosystem our team will handle them properly while removing them from their nest.

  • Removal Of The Nest

After their removal, our team will carefully remove their nests present. Through our bee nest removal service, you can get rid of the nest quickly.

  • Final Inspection

This step is very important as in most cases of bee or wasp nest removal services there are chances that out of all the lot some may stay behind to rebuild their nest. Thus our bee and wasp removal Ryde team will perform a reliable final inspection.

Method Of Bees And Wasps Building Their Nests

Both the bees and wasps have the same method of building their nests. Firstly the queen starts by hunting a favourable place. The place for the nest is decided near the wood source. The wood source can be the trees, fences, and logs. Then the queen starts by chewing the wood and breaking it down with the help of her saliva. This further turns into a pulpy material and flies to the starting position. Then using this method again and again the queen builds a whole nest out of it.

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Whether it is waps control or bee control we can be your best wasp removal company in Ryde. Along with that, we provide you with our same-day wasp and bee removal service as well. Our bee removal cost for same-day service is also affordable in Ryde. Therefore get in touch with us by calling us at our toll-free number.


Do you provide wasp control service on Sundays?

Yes, we provide our bees and wasp removal services on weekends and public holidays as well.

Can I deal with a bee nest on my own?

We suggest you call the professional bee and waps removal team unless you have some prior experience.

How long does it take for the whole extermination process?

On average, it takes up to 5-6 hours for the whole process to complete.

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