Things Every Homeowner Can Do To Avoid Carpenter Ant

If you have carpenter ants, then, don’t worry you are not the only one many other residential owners have also seen them. Carpenter ants come in a specific time or season and at that time you need to be very active. You need to take immediate action to protect your precious things or your home. In this topic we will discuss how carpenter ants can be treated.

Carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ant

The Life Of A Carpenter Ant

As said above carpenter ants have their specific season to visit your home which is late springs or summers. During the beginning of summer, they take their nuptial flight, the male carpenter ants mate with female carpenter ants. After mating the male ants die or the female ants start finding a place for building a new colony. And their findings stop at our homes.

Keeping Carpenter Ants away From Entering Your Home 

Carpenter ants can make their colony both indoors and outdoors. The carpenter ants love wood and that’s the reason you should protect your home from them. So, in this article, we are going to discuss what you can do for carpenter ants treatment?

1. Trim Trees or Bushes That Touch Your Homes Roof or Siding

As carpenter ants are fond of wood. You can likely find carpenter ants on the trees siding your home. And, if the tree or its bushes are touching your home, then, cut the bushes or tree immediately. Either the carpenter ants will come inside by traveling through the bushes of that tree.

So, if you don’t want carpenter ants to be your guests then, you should maintain your outdoors and you should start pruning . So, by doing this you will ensure that the tree is not coming in contact with your home and carpenter ants are away. After pruning or cutting the tree you should always clean the debris.

2. Repair Any Rotting Wood

Carpenter Ants also get attracted to the rotten wood, they love to build their nests or colonies inside decomposing wood and if they will build their colony inside decomposing wood they will also keep damaging your other wooden furniture. And, if this happens what should you do for ants treatment? Sp. you should call a carpenter to your home to repair the rotten wood.

3. Avoid Storing Firewood Directly On The Ground

You should always avoid storing firewood directly upon the ground or in a place where the firewood is getting directly contacted with your home. It is a very common mistake that homeowners generally do or allow the carpenter ant to enter their home.

4. Get Rid Of Wood To Soil Contact

For residential pest infestation, you should avoid the contact of wooden furniture with the soil. If your wooden furniture gets in contact with the soil, then, it will become a way of transportation for carpenter ants to enter your home.


For keeping the carpenter ants away from your home you should follow the tips provided above. If you act carelessly, the carpenter ants will easily enter your home and once they get in it will be a very difficult job to get rid of them. Follow the above tips or either you go for Pest Control Near Me that will help you to get rid of all kinds of pests hidden in your home.

What are The 5 Signs of a Residential Pest Infestation?

You must know the importance of pest control services to control pest infestation. Pest control is only worth it when you have any pest problems otherwise it is a waste of money. So, how will you know when you have a residential pest infestation?

Are you able to predict that now your home needs pest control?
If not then in this article you will get to know the 5 signs through which you can know.

Five Sings Are:

  1. Presence of Some Kind of DIRT and DUST

    Pests bring dust and dirt with them. They may decay your furniture surfaces. They may damage your food. You can also see the grime on the walls of your home or other surfaces of your home. So, this is the most common sign of pest infestation. You can ask pest exterminators about what kind of pesticides they are using in pest control.
  2. Presence of Pest Droppings

    If you are facing any pest problem you can see pest dropping in your home in different areas. Look out for different areas where pests are most likely to hide in the house. Areas like corners, holes, below bed or cupboards, and many more. You must check all these areas. If you find any kind of pest droppings then you must need the help of a pest
    exterminator or residential pest infestation treatment.
  3. If You Feel Any Bad or Strange Smell

    Pests do cause some type of smell in their house. This smell maybe because of some harm to them or because of pest droppings. This smell can also be of some rotten food that was maybe eaten or damaged by the pests. You can also find pieces of food in the area you are experiencing the smell. So, do not ignore that too. If the pest has damaged itself or died due to some reason then it will cause a very strong and bad smell. All these are signs that you need a pest exterminator and your house must have a pest infestation.
  4. Any Damages to The Fabric of Things Like Carpet, Sofa Covering

    If you see any fabric getting damaged before time then you must have pests in your house. The damage to the fabric can happen to anything. Fabrics of things like carpet, mat, couch, sofa covering, bed sheets are more likely to get damaged by the pests. There can be holes, wear & tear, scratches, stains on the mentioned things. So, be careful about these things when you are going to have pest control in Ryde.
  5. Body Parts of Pests May Leave Behind

    Some pests may leave residuals like wings, discarded skin, and limbs on the surfaces of your home. You should not clean them considering that they are dead or they can not come back. You must contact a professional pest control company as you have a pest infestation.

All the above mentioned are the signs that your house must need pest control services. Do not ever ignore them as they can cause large damages to you, your house, and your family.